Climate News

ON 09/17/2021 AT 04:02 AM

On September 14, leaders from nations across Africa came together in a virtual event to discuss how to plan for the increasingly serious dangers global heating poses for their continent.

ON 09/17/2021 AT 10:45 PM

The government of Chile received ten credible bids from a variety of well-respected international companies in its just-closed tender offer for companies willing to invest in clean hydrogen production in the country.

ON 09/16/2021 AT 12:36 AM

As the world grows hotter, the way we enjoy ourselves outdoors is also going to change. A new university study shows how dramatically it might evolve, driving implications for those managing public lands and facilities in the future.

ON 09/15/2021 AT 09:26 PM

A new 761 apartment complex rising on a 17-acre lot in Tempe, Arizona, just outside Phoenix, bills itself as the first community designed from the ground up as a place with no cars allowed – and access to discounted public transport built into the rent.

ON 09/15/2021 AT 04:33 AM

Sorghum is already attracting attention as an important food of the future because of its high nutritional content, plus resilience in the presence of high heat and increased drought. A new research program is about to add to its value by creating sorghum varieties which more effectively capture and store atmospheric carbon during the growth process.

ON 09/14/2021 AT 11:20 PM

As builders throughout the world have begun to face the reality that concrete, the dominant construction material in many countries, is also responsible for 7% and more of global carbon emissions, biomechanical engineers have sought other ways to “architect” the construction industry of the future. To do that, they have increasingly turned to wood as the starting point for this new approach.

ON 09/14/2021 AT 04:35 AM

On September 13, in-water construction began on a unique solution to provide more efficient climate resiliency for the South Shore of Staten Island. Its innovation could change the way extreme weather adaptation and mitigation is managed all over the world.

ON 09/14/2021 AT 02:11 AM

While most everyone else is focusing on ever bigger wind, solar, and tidal energy farms to provide clean power for the future, a tiny startup in Sierra Leone has figured out how to capture the vibrational energy that is always around us – and bring light into the darkness.

ON 09/22/2021 AT 12:10 AM

A report released yesterday by the World Bank revealed that over 216 million people throughout the world will be forced to move by 2050 because of the climate crisis.

ON 09/13/2021 AT 07:33 AM

A group of chemical engineering scientists have developed a clean and efficient way to transform toxic untreated sewer water into a source of clean hydrogen fuel.

ON 09/09/2021 AT 04:15 AM

Especially after this summer’s catastrophic heavy rains and flooding in Germany, Belgium and more, some might imagine Europe is far from in danger from catastrophic drought due to the climate crisis just a few years from now. A just-published new study shows how past occasional droughts in the region are about to become the norm.

ON 09/03/2021 AT 07:58 AM

A senior Russian official declared on September 2 that the country will be banning the use of disposable plastic items in the country by just a little over three years from now.

ON 08/31/2021 AT 10:53 PM

A new study by researchers at Portland State University has taken a tough look at how global heating will impact the important Hood River valley region over the next decades, and how to make it more resilient to those changes in the future.

ON 09/05/2021 AT 01:11 AM

The hurricane tied as the most intense ever to hit Louisiana, made landfall at 12:55 pm local time Sunday.

ON 08/26/2021 AT 11:19 PM

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation just released a timely study which provides options and guidelines to handle increased water demand in the Missouri River Basin. The release is especially important at a time when there will soon be significant decreases in snowmelt runoff above Fort Peck Reservoir.

ON 08/25/2021 AT 11:39 PM

Researchers have discovered tropical forests in Africa have been sequestering far more carbon than previously known. As they are also rapidly now being cleared for multiple uses, their days in helping save the planet may be numbered.

ON 08/24/2021 AT 02:57 AM

Scientists at the University of Southampton have discovered that extensive chains of volcanoes have been responsible for both emitting and then removing atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) over geological time. This may have stabilized temperatures at the Earth’s surface over hundreds of thousands of years.

ON 08/19/2021 AT 01:03 AM

A new study by German and British researchers suggests previous scientists had it wrong about why the massive Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica is contributing so much to sea level rise so fast.

ON 08/18/2021 AT 03:21 AM

With the global move toward carbon neutrality and the prospect of imminent new regulation of its key export markets, the Russian leadership has finally been forced to focus on climate issues.

ON 08/17/2021 AT 10:31 PM

New research conducted at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) demonstrated that corals treated in advance with a probiotic mix of specific bacteria can increase the chances of survival. While not a solution to the climate crisis in general, this could suggest a preventive approach to salvaging coral reefs when a predicted ocean-borne heat wave to the region is imminent.

ON 08/17/2021 AT 03:03 AM

Yesterday the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation declared its first “Tier 1” water shortage at Lake Mead, the nation’s largest water reservoir. It will have devastating effects on Arizona, Nevada, and even Mexico starting January 1.

ON 08/17/2021 AT 02:09 AM

A just released study of Greenland’s Arctic ice sheet reveals that without the presence of at least regular small amounts of fresh snow, ice will age, darken, and change shape, resulting in far more solar energy absorption and accelerating melting.

ON 08/16/2021 AT 04:33 AM

Climate Survival Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.'s invited paper on how to address the growing drought crisis through efficient wastewater treatment and reuse has been accepted for presentation at The 1st International Conference on Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability (CCES), to be held online from 9-11 November, 2021.

ON 08/12/2021 AT 10:37 PM

As if wildfires were not bad enough, a new study has revealed that the small particles thrown into the atmosphere from western U.S. wildfire smoke will fundamentally change the way cloud droplets form in that region. There will therefore be even less rain when the wildfires have passed.

ON 08/12/2021 AT 03:23 AM

Our toxic future with too much carbon dioxide and a glut of wastewater could yield an unexpected source of endless clean freshwater in an otherwise drought-filled future.

ON 08/10/2021 AT 09:01 PM

According to Professor Chris Venditti, biologist at the University of Reading in UK, many commonly-eaten fish could face extinction as warming oceans due to climate change increases pressure on their survival while also hampering their ability to adapt.

ON 08/15/2021 AT 10:19 PM

The first of three reports by the UN Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change, released yesterday, was far more threatening than the interim report of two years ago but is still far too weak and offers no real solutions.

ON 08/08/2021 AT 10:17 PM

After reaching record low water levels during accelerating drought throughout 2021, on August 5 the hydroelectric power plant at Lake Oroville was shut down for the first time in that reservoir’s history.

ON 08/06/2021 AT 04:39 AM

The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) ocean current, which includes the Gulf Stream, was just confirmed to have been slowing down and destabilizing for decades, thanks to the climate crisis. When and if it does stall completely, the impact on the planet would be catastrophic.

ON 08/06/2021 AT 03:53 AM

President Vladimir Putin of Russia acknowledge to his cabinet that spiking temperatures, raging out-of-control wildfires, and heavy flooding have one singular cause: global heating.

ON 08/05/2021 AT 06:10 PM

Researchers from the Ohio State University found that a common farm weed could make a “greener” jet fuel with fewer production-related environmental impacts than other biofuels.

ON 08/04/2021 AT 11:25 PM

According to a study published in GCB Bioenergy, a product made from urban, agriculture and forestry waste has the added benefit of reducing the carbon footprint of modern farming.

ON 08/04/2021 AT 11:17 PM

The British insurer Prudential, along with other banking groups such as HSBC, Citi, and BlackRock Real Assets, is working with the Manila-based Asian Development Bank to buy out coal-fired power plants in Asia in order to shut them down in the next 15 years.

ON 08/03/2021 AT 11:35 PM

The New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Center for Resilient Design is launching, a web-based resource focused on planning and developing sustainable, resilient local government microgrids locally and nationally.

ON 08/03/2021 AT 11:25 PM

Neonicotinoids have been subject to tough scrutiny in recent years because of the damage they do to beneficial insects when applied in large quantities to vegetable crops and fruit orchards. A new study from researchers at UC Riverside now proves exposure to even the tiniest amounts of the chemicals can cause almost 100% collapse of bee colonies nearby.

ON 08/03/2021 AT 06:25 AM

A new study showed that the top five percent of all electrical power plants in the world are responsible for 73% of all carbon emissions produced when generating electricity.

ON 08/02/2021 AT 09:45 PM

Researchers from Florida State University discovered that when La Niña brings unusually warm waters and abnormal air pressure to the Pacific Ocean, the resulting weather patterns create an increase in the carbon exported from the Amazon River.

ON 07/27/2021 AT 06:44 PM

Only one-third of the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change‘s first full climate analysis and goals report since 2013 will be ready before the upcoming UN COP26 summit begins on October 31. It will also once again pull its punches by putting politics ahead of saving humanity.

ON 07/21/2021 AT 10:06 PM

A unique water treatment solution deployed in rural Mexico using just volcanic rock and anerobic processes, manages to purify wastewater without the need for harmful chemicals.

ON 07/25/2021 AT 08:57 AM

With temperatures rising and a local drought turning forests into kindling, northern Siberia’s fires have become so widespread and intense close to cities that emergency authorities have ordered people to stay indoors for their health. The fires have also forced Russia to move faster to shut down smaller fires it would have once ignored.

ON 07/21/2021 AT 05:45 PM

According to a research, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, increased cloud cover causes by moisture evaporation from oceans and other bodies of water will amplify global heating, by both reflecting less solar radiation and enhancing the greenhouse effect.

ON 07/20/2021 AT 06:13 PM

A Giant Sequoia Lands Coalition has been formed in a bid to better safeguard giant sequoias from threats of climate change and catastrophic wildfires.

ON 07/20/2021 AT 03:07 AM

According to research led by UCL and Imperial College London scientists, children and young people living near woodlands have better cognitive development and lower risk of emotional and behavioral problems.

ON 07/18/2021 AT 09:31 PM

With recently discovered fossil fuel resources of almost 18 billion barrels of oil and 148 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, the Arctic territory of Denmark could have sold leases to those resources and finally bought its freedom from Denmark. It chose instead to save the planet.

ON 07/16/2021 AT 10:28 PM

A tropical storm which was locked over northern central Europe over the past week dumped as much as two months’ rainfall in some places in a single day. The resulting floods have left over 120 dead found so far, with more than a thousand missing, and extensive destruction to buildings, roads, and dams.

ON 07/15/2021 AT 09:04 PM

According to a new study conducted by the University of Southern California, rapid filling of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam along the Blue Nile River could reduce water supplies to downstream Egypt by more than one-third. The situation, if not addressed will cause unemployment rates to reach from 14 to 25% and will cause agricultural sector losses of up to 51 billion dollars.

ON 07/14/2021 AT 10:08 PM

According to a new study, thanks to wobbles in the long-term lunar orbital cycle, our planet is going to suffer violent shifts in both the number and magnitude of high tide floodings (HTF) by just 9 years from now. That, coupled with climate crisis driven sea level rise, will affect many coastlines and could engulf areas already under siege from sea level rise.

ON 07/17/2021 AT 04:16 PM

In perhaps one of the ultimate ironies, the fossil fuel industry is scrambling to save Alaska’s permafrost from melting due to the climate crisis it created. It is all to keep the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline from breaking apart.

ON 07/08/2021 AT 09:27 PM

According to a new study led by researchers from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, cold-adapted Arctic species like the thick-billed murre are especially vulnerable to heat stress caused by climate change.

ON 08/11/2021 AT 08:03 AM

The arrival of the Indian summer monsoon has been forecasted three months in advance for the past 40 years with the highest precision up until now, but global heating will soon render the old approaches invalid on their own. Climate scientists now aim to combine traditional weather prediction models with machine learning models to achieve more accurate forecasts.