Reclamation Awards $10.3 Million To 26 Tribes for Drought Response Water Projects

ON 09/22/2022 AT 08:19 PM

The Bureau of Reclamation announced that 26 Tribes in 12 states will receive $10.3 million through the Native American Affairs Technical Assistance to Tribes Program. This will help support Native American Tribes in their efforts to prepare for and mitigate the impacts of drought.

Reclamation's Native American Affairs Technical Assistance Program provides technical assistance to Native American Tribes to develop, manage, and protect their water and related resources. The program has supported a broad range of activities each year since its inception in the early 1990s. This year’s awards focus on assisting Tribes with enhanced drought preparedness, mitigating drought impacts, increasing the efficiency of water deliveries, increasing drought resiliency, and reducing reliance on declining water sources.

The Department of the Interior has made several investments to help mitigate effects of drought in the West. This includes a significant increase in funding for the Native American Affairs Technical Assistance Program to help Tribal communities affected by historic drought conditions increase water supply sustainability and drought resiliency.

“Water year 2022 was one of the most hydrologically challenging years to date. This funding will help facilitate partnerships with Tribes and Tribal organizations as they address severe and continued drought conditions affecting their critical water resources," said Commissioner Camille Calimlim Touton. “Reclamation is committed to partnering with Native American Tribes and Tribal nations on these important water resources issues."

The funding will be provided to tribes as grants or cooperative agreements. The projects selected are:


  • Yavapai Apache Drought Resilience and Preparedness Project, $500,000
  • White Mountain Apache Documenting and Quantifying Water Resource Data, $245,000


  • Colusa Rancheria Parker Irrigation Canal Rehabilitation, $497,000
  • Coyote Valley Water Resource Data Collection, $373,000
  • Big Valley Rancheria Storage Tank Rehabilitation and Upgrades, $300,000
  • Middletown Rancheria Aquifer Characterization Study, $293,000
  • Mesa Grande Groundwater Resource Development, Phase 2, $268,000
  • LaPosta Band Wetlands Reclamation and Water Quality Enhancement, $181,000
  • Agua Caliente Water Demand Study, $61,000


  • Southern Ute Pine River Canal Long Crested Weir Replacement, $500,000


  • Shoshone-Paiute Stock Watering Pond Rehabilitation, $500,000 (Oregon/Idaho)
  •  Shoshone-Bannock Water Storage Tank Re-Coating, $494,000


  • Fort McDermitt Water Resource Data Collection, $368,000
  • Pyramid Lake Water Resource Evaluation and Assessment, $215,000

New Mexico

  • Acoma Pueblo Phase III Sandoval Ditch Repair, $499,000
  • Sandia Pueblo Acequia Lateral Ditch Relining, $445,000
  • Santa Ana Pueblo South Desawa Ditch Concrete Relining, $434,000
  • Laguna Pueblo Ditch Reconstruction, $420,000
  • Santa Clara Pueblo Main Ditch Reconstruction Phase 2, $300,000

North/South Dakota

  • Rosebud Sioux Big White River Booster Station Replacement, $500,000 (South Dakota)
  • Standing Rock Sioux Water Supply Distribution System Upgrades, $495,000 (North/South Dakota)
  • Lower Brule Sioux Water Treatment Plant Emergency Generator Replacement, $289,000 (South Dakota)
  • Lower Brule Sioux Water Meter Installation, $201,000 (South Dakota)


  • Wichita and Affiliated Tribes Water Transmission Main Install, $500,000
  • Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma Water Resource Development, $428,000


  • Ute Tribe Water System Improvements, $500,000


  • Spokane Hatchery Water Reuse Infrastructure, $500,000

The Native American and International Affairs Office in the Commissioner's Office serves as the central coordination point for the Native American Affairs Program and lead for policy guidance for Native American issues in Reclamation.