Climate News

ON 05/25/2021 AT 11:14 PM

After record-setting Cyclone Tauktae slammed ashore on May 18, 2021 on the west coast of India, the even more powerful Cyclone Yaas has just made landfall in Odisha on the country’s east coast.

ON 05/25/2021 AT 02:26 AM

A new short film created in partnership with Greta Thunberg reveals the tight link between our abuse of nature, the pandemic which has paralyzed the world, and the climate crisis which we have allowed to destroy the planet.

ON 05/24/2021 AT 09:01 PM

Climate scientists and researcher at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory believe it is likely satellite measurements of temperatures in the troposphere, the lowest region of the atmosphere, may have been much lower than reality.

ON 05/24/2021 AT 10:57 PM

The Group of Seven (G7) nations signed off on an agreement on May 21 that would halt the financing of international coal projects by the end of this year. As with many such initiatives, this one has little “teeth” in it, too many loopholes, and comes way too late to save the planet.

ON 05/24/2021 AT 08:45 PM

A new research study proves freshwater biodiversity is on its way to a mass extinction event less than one hundred years from now, which even millions of years will not heal.

ON 05/18/2021 AT 03:15 AM

A new research paper suggests the melting of Greenland’s ice sheet may have already gone far enough that, even if carbon emissions halted immediately, the globe is in for a minimum 3 to 6 feet (several meter) sea level rise because of it.

ON 05/05/2021 AT 07:57 PM

A new exhaustive study of agricultural pesticide use just proved what biologists had long feared. The chemicals are wiping out invertebrates which form the foundation for all life within and which grows out of the soil.

ON 05/03/2021 AT 11:20 PM

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency yesterday finally took action to eliminate 85% of production or use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), a chemical still widely used in air conditioning and refrigeration, by 15 years from now. Cutting the use of HFCs will remove one of the most damaging of emissions that contribute to global heating.

ON 04/30/2021 AT 10:18 PM

Despite the pledges China made at the recent global climate crisis summit to reduce emissions, their doubling down on coal-fired power plant projects reveals their true intent.

ON 04/28/2021 AT 11:31 PM

Ocean Visions and the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Stony Brook University just launched a new pilot program targeting reversing two of the most damaging changes in ocean chemistry caused by global heating.

ON 04/28/2021 AT 08:55 PM

A new paper has revealed glacier melting tied to global heating has increased by almost 2X in the last 20 years. That puts it way ahead of melting of ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica as a global contributor to sea level rise.

ON 03/31/2021 AT 04:31 AM

For millennia Bangladesh has kept its agricultural industry alive despite the country's ever-present flooding. A new study suggests the floating gardens solutions it developed to survive might offer a sustainable solution for other parts of the world about to experience regular flooding as mountain glacier melts accelerate.

ON 03/25/2021 AT 10:15 PM

Two Senators and two House members proposed draft legislation yesterday which would inject $500 billion into the economy to help push public transportation into the post-fossil-fuel era.

ON 03/25/2021 AT 12:55 AM

The International Energy Agency calculates global oil demand will exceed pre-pandemic levels in just two years, despite warnings it will accelerate the climate crisis further.

ON 03/19/2021 AT 11:29 PM

A new research project investigating the Amazon Rainforest’s ability to act as a carbon sink discovered something unexpected and seriously disturbing. They figured out the Amazon Basin is already a net carbon emitter and a powerful accelerant to global heating.

ON 02/28/2021 AT 04:48 PM

The ecosystem's collapse equals economic failure, according to Professor Dasgupta's report.

ON 08/11/2022 AT 04:03 AM

Climate deniers are citing the brutal wave of sub-freezing weather currently driving areas as south as Houston, Texas, down to temperatures of 26° F (-3° C) and colder as “proof” the climate crisis is a hoax. They could not be more wrong.

ON 02/15/2021 AT 11:30 PM

The plaintiffs who were just children and teenagers in 2015 when they sued the U.S. government for actively aiding the toxic fossil fuel industry are now taking their case to the Supreme Court.

ON 02/13/2021 AT 08:43 PM

Rapidly melting glaciers in India’s northern state of Uttarakhand broke apart yesterday, launching a battering ram of water which quickly shattered a dam and flooded the entire region.

ON 01/16/2021 AT 08:25 AM

A new university study shows global heating and increasing drought will cut available water in Chile by fifty percent only a decade from now.

ON 01/15/2021 AT 02:15 PM

The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) just released its annual report on the state of the climate crisis in 2020. It is now tied with 2016 as the hottest year ever recorded.

ON 01/14/2021 AT 09:48 PM

In just 43 years, the once lush Amazon rainforest ecosystem will collapse completely, leaving most of it dry, barren, and lifeless. That is the conclusion of a just-released research report.

ON 01/07/2021 AT 09:41 PM

A new study may point to energy sorghum as the logical successor to maize and other annuals as one of the most important food crops for the much hotter future ahead.

ON 05/05/2021 AT 02:47 AM

14Trees, a LafargeHolcim joint venture with CDC Group, the UK’s publicly owned impact investor, is deploying 3D printing technology at scale to build affordable and low-carbon housing and schools in Africa, starting in Malawi.

ON 12/20/2020 AT 07:34 PM

As global heating increases worldwide, species from small to large, even including the human race, have already begun a mass migration from lower latitudes or altitudes to further north or further upwards. The implications of those moves will in the long run be significant, both for themselves and for the ecosystems they are invading.

ON 12/14/2020 AT 11:05 PM

2020 is about to end as a year of catastrophic irreversible change in the Arctic.

ON 12/09/2020 AT 10:43 PM

On December 3, the Danish government voted to halt all new oil and gas licensing effective immediately. With Denmark the biggest oil and gas provider in all of Europe, this is perhaps the boldest step yet by any nation in agreeing to bring an ultimate halt to fossil fuel use.

ON 01/04/2021 AT 02:08 PM

Taking its initiative of converting waste into useful resource a step further, the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts has now launched a biogas purification system to recycle food waste into renewable vehicle fuel.

ON 11/24/2020 AT 02:26 AM

Despite the pandemic having forced drastic cutbacks in greenhouse gas emissions tied to planes, trains, and automobiles, the World Meteorological Organization says 2020 will still end with emissions running at least at 92.5% of normal. So much for extreme measures making any difference.

ON 11/11/2020 AT 04:57 PM

Overcoming the odds brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the renewable energy sector is poised to end the year on a high, with renewables accounting for almost 90% of the increase in total global power capacity this year. That growth is expected to continue well into next year.

ON 09/26/2020 AT 07:27 PM

Newlight, a biotech company has developed a material -- made by microbes -- that converts the potent greenhouse gas methane into ocean-degradable, reusable, regenerative foodware, starting with drinking straws and cutlery.

ON 09/22/2020 AT 06:23 PM

The Erna Solberg led Norwegian government has proposed to launch a $2.7 billion carbon capture and storage (CCS) project dubbed ‘Longship’ to help the country cut emissions, facilitate the development of new technology and create jobs.  

ON 09/28/2020 AT 11:10 PM

On September 15, total Arctic sea ice hit below 4 million square meters (1.5 million square miles). By next summer there could be zero ice on the waters there.

ON 09/19/2020 AT 07:40 PM

“Climate change triggered glacier retreats pose a big threat to sustainability of springs which are beyond the control of local communities to manage,” added Arun Kansal, professor and head, Regional Water Studies, TERI School of Advanced Study, New Delhi.

ON 09/08/2020 AT 10:24 PM

Ice stupas, a form of glacial grafting in which natural processes can exclusively shape their growth, partnered with support from local indigenous populations in higher altitude regions threatened by global warming, could provide a simple water storage method -- and the opening of an exciting field of holistic, aesthetic and technical inquiry.

ON 09/06/2020 AT 10:19 PM

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) of Hong Kong just announced its CIC Carbon Assessment Tool (CAT), a means of evaluating carbon emissions prior to construction, has now been integrated into the BEAM Plus New Buildings version 1.1 and version 1.2 (BEAM Plus NB)

ON 09/01/2020 AT 02:41 AM

In a message pointed to India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, UN secretary general António Guterres warned that investing in expansion of fossil fuels industry such as the coal mining sector would mean more deaths and illness and rising healthcare costs.

ON 08/19/2020 AT 04:08 AM

In a major breakthrough, Aalto University researchers have developed a photovoltaic device with an external quantum efficiency of 132 per cent.

ON 08/11/2020 AT 09:24 PM

Researchers have discovered a highly effective way of converting carbon dioxide, the most common greenhouse gas in Earth's atmosphere, into ethanol, an important industrial chemical that is used as a solvent in the synthesis of other organic chemicals, and as an additive to automotive gasoline.

ON 08/11/2020 AT 05:08 AM

A $16 billion project is in the offing to export Asutralian solar power to Singapore and then other cities in Asia through the sea. Experts are questioning the fiscal viability but believe it is possible.

ON 08/10/2020 AT 03:15 AM

The 2019 edition of the Joint Report on Multilateral Development Bank's Climate Finance showed a total of $61.6 billion was spent by the this group of powerful "transnational" investment banks during the calendar year 2019.