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Central de Abasto food market in Mexico City
ON 07/23/2022 AT 04:41 AM

The largest food market in the world, the Central de Abasto in Mexico City, is about to become the site of the biggest solar installation in this urban hub with 12.3 million people.

Heat wave victim in Barcelona
ON 10/11/2022 AT 08:13 PM

As heat waves spread throughout the U.S. west and southwest, mainland Europe and the United Kingdom, the reporting focus is often just on high temperatures as a measure of at what point people simply cannot survive. A new study reveals that the combination of high humidity and heat can render our regions unlivable at much lower temperatures than had been previously understood.

England fire danger forecast for July 19,  2022
ON 08/02/2022 AT 02:05 AM

As high temperatures in the United Kingdom lead to deaths and wildfires, shutdowns of two major rail lines are getting a few people\'s attention, but is anyone really hearing the wake-up call and waking the hell up?

The planet at War
ON 07/19/2022 AT 04:10 AM

If you want to know what the future holds watch \"Life at 50°C\".

sustainable agriculture
ON 07/28/2022 AT 09:56 PM

In the first major research study focusing on the impact of the climate crisis on coastal communities in the tropics, scientists report nations in these warmer regions will suffer more than most because of their dependence on fishing and agriculture for economic stability and food.

ON 07/28/2022 AT 03:46 AM

In 2010, the United Nations created a means for member nations to pool money to help countries accelerate their move to renewable energy. The U.S. is the most grossly negligent of all nations in following through on its commitment to contribute to that fund.

NTU Research team on bacteria wastewater treatment technique for phosphorus
ON 07/15/2022 AT 08:42 AM

Scientists from four Singapore research institutions announced they have developed a means of removing phosphorus, a common but dangerous component of wastewater linked to washing agents and agricultural chemical runoff, even when the wastewater is 25° C (77° F) or warmer. Such an innovation could prove critical as global heating due to the climate crisis accelerates.

Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest
ON 07/20/2022 AT 02:46 AM

In a landmark decision, Brazil’s highest court has ruled that the 2015 Paris Climate Change Accords, which Brazil is a party to, constitute a human rights treaty, with major implications for the country. The court has also ordered the government to reactivate the country\'s long dormant climate action fund and national climate policy.

ON 07/19/2022 AT 01:33 AM

Two just-released analyses show the Arctic is both heating at a rate four times faster than the world as a whole, and has ozone depletions which have created other unusual weather phenomena.

Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest
ON 07/16/2022 AT 11:53 PM

The National Institute of Space Research (INPE) of Brazil just released data showing deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest for the first six months of 2022 set a record. 3,987 square kilometers (1539 square miles) were cut down, bulldozed, or burned, all to support greed in industry and government.

Spain and Portugal Megadrought
ON 07/13/2022 AT 10:44 PM

Based on analysis from a just-released paper, the Iberian Peninsula is now officially in its worst drought in at least 1200 years. The impacts on farming; availability of safe water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and sanitation; and tourism are already threatening the lives and economy of everyone living in the region.

Water Fountain
ON 06/28/2022 AT 02:09 AM

Attilio Fontana, the president of Lombardy, said the drought was the worst the region had ever experienced. The consequences of the Po valley drought on agriculture are estimated at more than €3 billion.

Lake Shasta drought on May 4, 2022
ON 07/04/2022 AT 02:54 AM

As the state of California logs its direst and hottest year since at least the 19th century, its two largest water reservoirs are shattering barriers for how low their water levels are.

3D-Printing Gels
ON 06/24/2022 AT 04:10 AM

Traditional construction is responsible for generating 27% of global CO2. Alternative methods such as 3D printing hold the promise of cutting that significantly.

ON 06/22/2022 AT 06:04 PM

A new study documented a disturbing trend in the rainforests of Australia where the lifespan of trees has halved over the last 35 years, possibly due to the effects of climate change on the ecosystems.

New class of long-life solar cell using perovskite semiconductors
ON 06/22/2022 AT 08:20 AM

A new form of high performance solar cells developed by scientists at Princeton University could extend the life of perovskite solar cells from as long as 30 years. It could revolutionize the long-term utility of this kind of renewable energy for the future.

Bangladesh floods
ON 06/21/2022 AT 12:48 AM

Dozens of people have perished while millions are still stranded in various flood-affected regions of Bangladesh and neighboring upstream India due to unprecedented monsoon rains over the past week.

Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica
ON 06/15/2022 AT 04:00 AM

A just-released study has revealed that two of the bigger glacier structures in West Antarctica may have begun a previously undiscovered catastrophic rapid melt collapse.

ON 06/11/2022 AT 11:12 PM

Engineers at Climate Survival Solutions have developed a new remote monitoring system for use with their new Tataouine Community and Research Center project, currently under way in Arizona, with engineering contributions from multiple international sites.

Water levels shrink at the Alta Rabagao Reservoir.
ON 06/22/2022 AT 02:30 AM

Global drought caused by high heat and weather disruptions due to the climate crisis has logged an entire country as its latest victim.

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