Climate News

ON 06/22/2022 AT 06:04 PM

A new study documented a disturbing trend in the rainforests of Australia where the lifespan of trees has halved over the last 35 years, possibly due to the effects of climate change on the ecosystems.

ON 06/22/2022 AT 08:20 AM

A new form of high performance solar cells developed by scientists at Princeton University could extend the life of perovskite solar cells from as long as 30 years. It could revolutionize the long-term utility of this kind of renewable energy for the future.

ON 06/21/2022 AT 12:48 AM

Dozens of people have perished while millions are still stranded in various flood-affected regions of Bangladesh and neighboring upstream India due to unprecedented monsoon rains over the past week.

ON 06/15/2022 AT 04:00 AM

A just-released study has revealed that two of the bigger glacier structures in West Antarctica may have begun a previously undiscovered catastrophic rapid melt collapse.

ON 06/11/2022 AT 11:12 PM

Engineers at Climate Survival Solutions have developed a new remote monitoring system for use with their new Tataouine Community and Research Center project, currently under way in Arizona, with engineering contributions from multiple international sites.

ON 06/22/2022 AT 02:30 AM

Global drought caused by high heat and weather disruptions due to the climate crisis has logged an entire country as its latest victim.

ON 06/08/2022 AT 08:02 AM

Populations of the phytoplankton that is the foundation of the ocean food chain and source of half of Earth's oxygen supply is collapsing.

ON 06/14/2022 AT 09:06 PM

As the drought in California has continued to worsen, the battle for how much water can be used for what has intensified. On June 1, water use restrictions in Southern California that may become a model for the rest of the western U.S. just became mandatory.

ON 06/02/2022 AT 04:14 AM

The government of Dominica continues to invest in climate-resilient housing as it moves ahead with the goal of becoming the "world's first climate-resilient nation".

ON 05/31/2022 AT 02:16 AM

The European Union just introduced a collection of goals and mandates designed to eliminate dependence on Russian oil and gas forever while also addressing the climate crisis.

ON 05/19/2022 AT 01:44 AM

Monaco’s Scorpio Group, a global shipping giant in the tanker industry, has made a significant strategic investment in Britishvolt, a startup in the battery cell and electric power market for EVs and water-borne vessels. The partnership could transform the entire maritime clean energy propulsion industry.

ON 05/27/2022 AT 10:55 PM

Earth's monthly average CO2 emissions started its usual seasonal dip but then reversed and has reached a new record high when it should be dropping. Something massive and potentially catastrophic is going on.

ON 05/26/2022 AT 12:14 AM

The website for the climate-proof, self-sufficient and sustainable Tataouine Community and Research Center is now online at Tataouine.Community.

ON 05/23/2022 AT 02:56 AM

By the evening of May 13 this week, many had a chance to observe close at hand a terrifying weather phenomenon known as a “haboob”, an enormous dust storm seen in the driest of climates such as the deserts of the Middle East. The problem is this pattern was seen simultaneously in multiple locations across the American Midwest.

ON 05/19/2022 AT 01:12 AM

The annihilation of the Amazon rainforest is accelerating rapidly and is transforming the region from an alive and thriving forest to a near-dead savanna.

ON 05/08/2022 AT 06:00 PM

The U.S. Dept. of Reclamation is reducing flows out of Lake Powell and pulling more water from upstream reservoir to increase lake levels enough to keep the Glen Canyon Dam generating hydropower.

ON 05/13/2022 AT 02:32 AM

An unusual research study showed the total number of flying insects in Great Britain has fallen by 58.5 percent in less than two decades. Their absence, which is tied to global heating, expanded use of pesticides, and urban sprawl, is already triggering the collapse of natural ecosystems throughout the country.

ON 04/28/2022 AT 02:22 AM

This year’s four winners of the competition co-founded by Sir Jony Ives, best known for his industrial design leadership while serving at Apple, and Prince Charles, were announced on April 27, 2022.

ON 04/25/2022 AT 05:56 PM

Sometimes the most brilliant ideas to save the planet lay right beneath our feet. At least that’s the way it is working out for the founder of a clever alternative energy enterprise.

ON 04/24/2022 AT 09:22 PM

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued for public input a draft white paper on control techniques and measures that could reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from new stationary combustion turbines.

ON 05/06/2022 AT 02:49 AM

The venerable and important bumblebee may be on the way to extinction as temperatures rise globally. The implications on fruits, seed plants, and the entire food chain could be big if these pollinators cease to be around in the future.

ON 05/04/2022 AT 02:38 AM

A rapidly spreading wildfire in northern Arizona is currently out of control, destroying homes, and forcing evacuations. It is a warning shot courtesy of the climate crisis for what American west will be facing as the summer heats up.

ON 04/20/2022 AT 03:02 AM

Less than 50 years from now, the once majestic glaciers of the Olympic peninsula range in Washington state will have mostly melted forever, at least for this generation of life on the planet.

ON 04/13/2022 AT 10:16 PM

According to a new study, as the oceans grow warmer thanks to trapped solar energy and the climate crisis, there will be massive die-offs as those species which can migrate to survive separate from the ecosystems which support them.

ON 04/26/2022 AT 01:20 AM

The concentration of the most powerful of the heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere increased by the largest amount since records began being kept in 1983.

ON 04/15/2022 AT 02:15 AM

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued the final volume of their latest report yesterday. It sounds a more urgent alarm than ever but continues to promote the gross fraud that there is still time to avert catastrophe by merely reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

ON 04/01/2022 AT 07:21 AM

As the climate crisis continues to heat up forests in American’s western states, wildfires are now showing up earlier, in larger numbers, and at sizes unimaginable even just a decade ago. A new wildfire modeling tool under development from Nevada’s Desert Research Institute could aid in predicting and fighting those fires in many regions.

ON 03/31/2022 AT 03:46 AM

Source Energie, a new player in the United Kingdom's wind power industry, is about to enter the industry with a major splash.

ON 04/09/2022 AT 12:09 AM

As the western U.S. drought worsens, Governor Gavin Newsom has issued a broad-based executive order to lower water usage by as much as 20 percent.

ON 03/27/2022 AT 12:18 AM

A meat processing firm is using biodigestion to deal with animal wastes, striving to reduce the sector’s emissions and create electricity for the national grid.

ON 03/24/2022 AT 07:38 AM

Hydropower was and still is seen as one of the most important renewable energy alternatives in the United States. Yet just 2,500 of the nation’s 90,000 dams currently produce any electrical power, less than 3 percent of the total. Could retrofitting them for future use provide a less expensive means of increasing renewable energy power in the country?

ON 04/03/2022 AT 01:25 AM

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has proposed a radical rule change which for the first time would require all companies to monitor and disclose key company data related to the climate crisis.

ON 03/31/2022 AT 01:30 AM

A strange heat wave has driven temperatures in east Antarctica from temperatures which ordinarily would run as low as -60 degrees F to record highs of up to +10 degrees F.

ON 03/30/2022 AT 02:27 AM

Field reports say the predicted most destructive mass bleaching of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is well underway.

ON 03/17/2022 AT 04:17 AM

A new research study proves fires in the United States have occurred three times as often, shown up four times as intense, and spread over far more of the country since just two decades ago.

ON 03/22/2022 AT 01:32 AM

After realizing the risks his country had taken by depending on Russia oil and gas for much of the country’s energy needs, the prime minister of the UK is planning a major shift to non-fossil-fuel energy.

ON 03/12/2022 AT 10:16 PM

A Saudi Arabia based research team has developed an innovative integrated system for drawing water from the atmosphere in the most arid of climates, then using it to cool excess heat from solar panels and grow crops.

ON 03/14/2022 AT 12:39 PM

A new bill passed in Panama last week adds a new twist to the old idea that citizens should have certain inalienable rights under national law. This time it included nature in the mix.

ON 03/07/2022 AT 04:40 AM

The Lake Powell man-made water reserve is about to reach its lowest level since it was first opened fifty years ago – in 1972. When it does, mandatory water cutbacks downstream of the lake will shift from serious to severe.

ON 03/10/2022 AT 11:18 PM

The climate crisis just sent a “life-threatening” reminder of its power to savage landscapes with pummeling winds and inescapable flash floods.

ON 03/10/2022 AT 01:26 AM

The second part of the latest report on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) came out yesterday. It describes much of the current state of the climate crisis as irreversible and with devastating impacts already on their way.

ON 02/24/2022 AT 09:20 PM

A new analysis of the impacts of decreased reflectivity of solar energy on the melting ice and snow covering Antarctica is contributing to a much larger secondary impact of global heating than previously estimated.

ON 02/22/2022 AT 02:47 AM

A group of international researchers headed by a team from Rutgers University at its New Brunswick campus has concluded sea level rise connected with the climate crisis began as early as 1863.

ON 02/21/2022 AT 07:31 PM

The Commission is announcing an investment of over €110 million into LIFE programme integrated projects for environmental and climate protection, selected after a call for proposals covering the year 2020.

ON 02/21/2022 AT 01:50 AM

A new study authored by scientists from the UK and Canada is warning radon stores currently buried deep in Arctic permafrost could release at rates 100 times current values current levels as temperatures continue to soar in the northern latitudes.

ON 02/20/2022 AT 06:34 PM

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko announced earlier this month that Russia will be investing 5.9 billion rubles (US $75 million) to address the increasing challenge of the climate crisis.

ON 02/25/2022 AT 09:48 PM

A new study published this week proves the drought which is intensifying and spreading rapidly across the western and southwestern states is the most severe in 1200 years and getting worse. Fortunately, a new global startup company may have a solution to mitigate the worst that is coming.

ON 02/25/2022 AT 02:37 AM

Global melting of the Arctic, Antarctica, Greenland, the Himalayan Mountain range, and more is projected to cause sea levels along the U.S. coasts to rise an average of 10 to 12 inches (0.25 to 0.30 meters) over the next thirty years.

ON 02/15/2022 AT 02:48 AM

A team of researchers had developed the core technology for a passive solar evaporation system as part of research into dealing with salt buildup during water extraction from desalination. The solution could be used to clean wastewater, provide potable water, or sterilize medical tools in off-grid areas.

ON 02/05/2022 AT 02:24 PM

New data just released shows Australia’s Great Barrier Reef broke multiple temperature records during the three-month period ending December 14. A new mass bleaching is imminent.