Climate News

ON 10/27/2022 AT 02:19 AM

New technologies for NASA’s Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation are turning out to have another important use by identifying previously undetected large methane emissions sites on the Earth, making it possible in some cases to shut them down.

ON 11/05/2022 AT 01:07 AM

A new report just released by the World Meteorological Organization said atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide in 2021 climbed to their highest levels yet. The worst news was that methane concentrations rose by the single largest increase since records were recorded.

ON 10/22/2022 AT 08:33 AM

Accelerating temperature rise from the climate crisis may soon force yet another species to extinction. This time it is the wild apple which used to thrive in the mountainous regions of parts of Central Asia.

ON 10/31/2022 AT 02:18 AM

A new study of permafrost melting and methane has determined the pace of global heating could push total carbon releases from the Arctic this century to as high as some of the biggest industrial nations have emitted in total since the industrialized age began.

ON 10/19/2022 AT 07:23 AM

The country of Norway, more known in the energy industry for it highly profitable fossil fuel enterprises, is providing a seed capital grant for a unique solution to harvesting renewable wind power from floating platforms.

ON 10/26/2022 AT 02:38 AM

The total count of all wild mammals, birds, amphibians, fish, and reptiles has dropped an astounding 69% in just under five decades, according to a just released study by the World Wildlife Fund for Nature.

ON 10/21/2022 AT 10:50 PM

Global heating associated with the climate crisis is now leaving its mark on more of the heavily populated regions of the world, according to a new UN report, and is considered one of the major contributors to suffering and death.

ON 10/12/2022 AT 07:50 AM

How do we increase food production by more than 50%, on a limited amount of arable land, to feed a projected 10 billion people by 2050? The solution could come in the form of nutritious and protein-dense single-celled microalgae, grown in onshore, seawater-fed aquaculture systems.

ON 10/14/2022 AT 11:56 PM

Ian, one of the most destructive hurricanes ever to hit Florida and the southeastern United States, has left the region with estimated damage of between $66 and $75 billion. Crops, housing, roads, bridges, and all varieties of infrastructure are in ruins.

ON 10/12/2022 AT 03:04 AM

Accelerated sea ice loss in the Arctic due to global heating is allowing carbon dioxide absorption at rates three to four times higher than in any other open sea or ocean anywhere on the planet. The resulting rapid decline in pH is already contributing to the rapid collapse of Arctic Ocean ecosystems.

ON 09/27/2022 AT 04:53 AM

For a long time, policymakers and scientists alike have leaned on the idea that rainforest trees will continue to draw in excess carbon from the atmosphere at high rates, as one of many solutions to excess greenhouse gas emissions. A new study shows that as trees warm up due to global heating, they in fact rapidly decrease their ability to store carbon.

ON 10/06/2022 AT 03:16 AM

On the morning of September 24, the same hurricane which just pummeled Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic may make history. After making an abrupt northwards turn, it is expected to make landfall on Nova Scotia with record wind gusts, storm surges, and what could be the lowest air pressure ever recorded in Canada.

ON 09/22/2022 AT 08:19 PM

The Bureau of Reclamation announced that 26 Tribes in 12 states will receive $10.3 million through the Native American Affairs Technical Assistance to Tribes Program. This will help support Native American Tribes in their efforts to prepare for and mitigate the impacts of drought.

ON 10/05/2022 AT 03:03 AM

Secretary General António Guterres yesterday declared that the fossil fuel companies should be forced to pay windfall profits taxes for their role in the climate crisis, and that the money should be distributed to poorer nations forced to suffer from its impacts.

ON 10/03/2022 AT 04:20 AM

Last week a joint session of two Congressional oversight committees held their third hearing about how the fossil fuel companies have hidden how much they really knew about the climate crisis and their companies' role in causing it.

ON 09/07/2022 AT 04:52 AM

The Dutch town of Haarlem, with a population of 160,000, just became the first urban center anywhere to ban the advertising of meat in all public areas. The goal is to cut consumption of products derived from livestock because they contribute substantially more to greenhouse gas emissions than do plant-based items.

ON 09/06/2022 AT 05:05 AM

A multi-year study involving optimizing the design of composts matched to the needs of specific crops could pay off with higher agricultural yields while minimizing biowaste from the composts themselves.

ON 09/20/2022 AT 12:57 AM

As Pakistan deployed emergency crews to save those homeless, hungry, and without water because one-third of the country was under water from recent floods, its largest lake was about to crash through surrounding banks.

ON 09/16/2022 AT 11:55 PM

Temperatures are reaching record levels as a heat bubble which formed on August 30 showed no immediate signs of letting up. Warnings to conserve energy and power blackouts followed, and threats of new wildfires loomed.

ON 08/31/2022 AT 05:03 AM

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced $70 million in funding for seven projects that will improve climate prediction and aid in the fight against climate change.

ON 09/09/2022 AT 02:22 AM

Although other studies had predicted it, evidence released in a new research study show melting of Greenland’s glaciers because of global heating will produce between 10.6 to 20.7 inches (27 to 78 centimeters) of ocean sea level rise. What is different about this study is that the researchers say this is “now inevitable”.

ON 09/06/2022 AT 01:47 AM

It is now official: the state of California will no longer allow sales of any new gasoline-powered cars by 13 years from now. The hard part will not be the availability of cars which meet the new standards. It will instead be mostly about rolling out the infrastructure they require to operate.

ON 09/05/2022 AT 03:11 AM

A just-released report from the European Commission says over two-thirds of the continent is now plagued by a drought of unprecedented proportions.

ON 08/31/2022 AT 04:57 AM

The worst drought in eastern Africa in four decades has forced the region into accelerating starvation conditions this year.

ON 08/30/2022 AT 12:51 AM

The world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases is now reaping the consequences of that, as it declares the first major drought emergency warning of the summer. Every aspect of Chinese life is about to get more difficult in the roughly half of the country affected.

ON 08/18/2022 AT 03:48 AM

While researchers predict that climate change will have an adverse effect on most staple crops, including rice, corn and soybeans, a new Northwestern University study finds that breadfruit — a starchy tree fruit native to the Pacific islands — will be relatively unaffected.

ON 08/25/2022 AT 10:40 PM

A 23-year drought which has pushed water resources in the lower Colorado River to record lows has now forced the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to declare the first “Tier 2” shortage in history.

ON 08/25/2022 AT 02:06 AM

A new study has concluded that global heating and temperature variations associated with it are holding back the economic growth of approximately one-fifth of the world. When all other climate factors are considered, the numbers are far worse.

ON 08/15/2022 AT 08:21 PM

Simon Stiell, a fierce climate activist and policy innovator, has been appointed as the next Executive Secretary of the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat.

ON 08/24/2022 AT 02:45 AM

Water levels in the Rhine, one of the most important rivers in Germany for shipments by barge, have dropped to record low levels as Europe's drought deepens.

ON 08/11/2022 AT 05:55 AM

Arctic cyclones have become more intense as the climate crisis has raised ocean and air temperatures at the northernmost latitudes. For the first time, scientists will be flying reconnaissance missions into those storms – much as other aircraft fly into hurricanes further south – to study how the storms form and what their impact is on the rapid decrease in Arctic Sea Ice.

ON 08/21/2022 AT 09:09 PM

A new study has concluded that the climate crisis is making us sicker, as over 1,000 “unique pathways” for the spread and incubation of illness -- made worse by global heating and extreme weather -- encompass the planet.

ON 08/17/2022 AT 03:27 AM

A new study has revealed that the total forest area on the planet has dropped by 81.7 million hectares (0.32 million square miles) since just 62 years ago. Incorporating the rise in population since that time as a factor, that works out to 60% reduction in forest coverage per person.

ON 08/03/2022 AT 10:11 PM

Coastal communities in three locations along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts saw record high tide flooding last year — a trend that is expected to continue into 2023 and beyond without improved flood defenses, according to NOAA. 

ON 08/11/2022 AT 12:56 AM

The government of Ireland finally did what most nations will eventually have to do to make any major reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. They picked the right target, made achieving it law, and fought off the lobbyists in the process.

ON 07/27/2022 AT 04:22 AM

Continuing drought in the Rio de la Plata basin in Paraguay is threatening trade which depends on its rivers for most of the country's export and import shipping. This is yet another casualty of the deepening global climate crisis.

ON 07/23/2022 AT 04:41 AM

The largest food market in the world, the Central de Abasto in Mexico City, is about to become the site of the biggest solar installation in this urban hub with 12.3 million people.

ON 08/02/2022 AT 02:05 AM

As high temperatures in the United Kingdom lead to deaths and wildfires, shutdowns of two major rail lines are getting a few people's attention, but is anyone really hearing the wake-up call and waking the hell up?

ON 10/11/2022 AT 08:13 PM

As heat waves spread throughout the U.S. west and southwest, mainland Europe and the United Kingdom, the reporting focus is often just on high temperatures as a measure of at what point people simply cannot survive. A new study reveals that the combination of high humidity and heat can render our regions unlivable at much lower temperatures than had been previously understood.

ON 07/19/2022 AT 04:10 AM

If you want to know what the future holds watch "Life at 50°C".

ON 07/28/2022 AT 09:56 PM

In the first major research study focusing on the impact of the climate crisis on coastal communities in the tropics, scientists report nations in these warmer regions will suffer more than most because of their dependence on fishing and agriculture for economic stability and food.

ON 07/28/2022 AT 03:46 AM

In 2010, the United Nations created a means for member nations to pool money to help countries accelerate their move to renewable energy. The U.S. is the most grossly negligent of all nations in following through on its commitment to contribute to that fund.

ON 07/15/2022 AT 08:42 AM

Scientists from four Singapore research institutions announced they have developed a means of removing phosphorus, a common but dangerous component of wastewater linked to washing agents and agricultural chemical runoff, even when the wastewater is 25° C (77° F) or warmer. Such an innovation could prove critical as global heating due to the climate crisis accelerates.

ON 07/20/2022 AT 02:46 AM

In a landmark decision, Brazil’s highest court has ruled that the 2015 Paris Climate Change Accords, which Brazil is a party to, constitute a human rights treaty, with major implications for the country. The court has also ordered the government to reactivate the country's long dormant climate action fund and national climate policy.

ON 07/19/2022 AT 01:33 AM

Two just-released analyses show the Arctic is both heating at a rate four times faster than the world as a whole, and has ozone depletions which have created other unusual weather phenomena.

ON 07/16/2022 AT 11:53 PM

The National Institute of Space Research (INPE) of Brazil just released data showing deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest for the first six months of 2022 set a record. 3,987 square kilometers (1539 square miles) were cut down, bulldozed, or burned, all to support greed in industry and government.

ON 07/13/2022 AT 10:44 PM

Based on analysis from a just-released paper, the Iberian Peninsula is now officially in its worst drought in at least 1200 years. The impacts on farming; availability of safe water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and sanitation; and tourism are already threatening the lives and economy of everyone living in the region.

ON 06/28/2022 AT 02:09 AM

Attilio Fontana, the president of Lombardy, said the drought was the worst the region had ever experienced. The consequences of the Po valley drought on agriculture are estimated at more than €3 billion.

ON 07/04/2022 AT 02:54 AM

As the state of California logs its direst and hottest year since at least the 19th century, its two largest water reservoirs are shattering barriers for how low their water levels are.

ON 06/24/2022 AT 04:10 AM

Traditional construction is responsible for generating 27% of global CO2. Alternative methods such as 3D printing hold the promise of cutting that significantly.