Sustainability Unmasked

The Sustainability Unmasked Podcast

The Sustainability Unmasked Podcast

Sustainability Unmasked is a new podcast series featuring interviews with experts on the broad field of sustainability and the climate crisis. Featuring interviews with experts from around the world, the episodes have been crafted with the goal of helping our audience gain new insights as to how to make our world – and our lives – more sustainable in the future.

Sustainability Unmasked is an original audio co-production of Climate Survival Solutions and Sustainable Sikkim.

Episode 1: "An Introduction to Sustainability Unmasked"

featuring Matrika Ghimiray and Brad Reddersen of Climate Survival Solutions India. Released February 15, 2021.

Episode 2: "The History of Organic Farming in Sikkim, India

featuring an interview with Dr. S. Anbalagan, Chief Executive Officer, Sikkim Organic Farming Development Agency (SOFDA), under Horticulture & Cash Crops Development Department, Government of Sikkim. Our interviewer this episode is Matrika Ghimiray of Climate Survival Solutions India. The podcast was released March 22, 2021.

Episode 3: The Upcoming UN COP26 Summit on Climate Change

From October 31-November 12, 2021, the nations of the world will come together in Glasgow for the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26). Matrika Ghimiray hosts a dialogue exploring what to expect in this highly anticipated gathering. This podcast was released on October 21, 2021.