Climate Survival Solutions Teams Up With Solar Punk Nomads

ON 05/07/2024 AT 08:27 PM

The European organization Solarpunk Nomads and international company Climate Survival Solutions, have formed a close alliance to support each other’s goals of moving humanity towards greater climate resilience.


Solarpunk Nomads is launching a new nomadic, zero carbon lifestyle for changemakers that will help spread climate awareness and solutions. The new lifestyle will include vehicles that are electric and powered by solar and wind or powered by biofuels.

Climate Survival Solutions is a company of scientists and engineers designing, building, deploying and operating climate adaptation and resilience solutions, including climate-proof, self-sufficient and carbon-neutral human habitats and communities. 

Technologies pioneered by the company include low-carbon construction methods, stream-based renewable energy generation, the PolyBioTM system for high yield and reduced water use crop growing, and advanced greywater and blackwater treatment and recycling systems using algal solutions instead of chemicals. It is also developing and currently testing solutions to provide early warning alerts when extreme weather conditions such as flash floods associated with the climate crisis occur. By working closely together the two organizations will complement each other’s efforts and bring more solutions to more people.

The partnership provides our enterprise with a unique opportunity to bring our diverse range of climate crisis solutions’ technologies and societal innovations to an even broader global community,” said Tim Loncarich, CEO and Founder of Climate Survival Solutions, Inc.

The partnership with Climate Survival Solutions will enable our project to better design and build innovative zero-emission vehicles and other Solarpunk technologies that are essential for connecting climate solutions to local communities in need of increasing their climate resilience,” said Marco Gerletti, co-founder of Solarpunk Nomads.

The partnership will initially focus on two projects: co-publishing a Climate Change Resilience Handbook to aid families, individuals, and communities worldwide in climate change adaptation, and designing and constructing a Solarpunk Eco Van for itinerant exhibitions and community support, encompassing explorations and installation of climate adaptation solutions.

For more information about Climate Survival Solutions, Inc. and Solarpunk Nomads, please visit their websites 

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