Climate Survival Solutions Launches Website for First Climate-Proof Habitat

ON 05/26/2022 AT 12:14 AM

The website for the climate-proof, self-sufficient and sustainable Tataouine Community and Research Center is now online at Tataouine.Community.

Tataouine Community and Research Center

Architectural 3D render of Tataouine Community and Research Center under construction in Arizona. Photo: Climate Survival Solutions, Inc.

Tataouine is a climate-proof, self-sufficient, sustainable and carbon-neutral habitat and research center under construction in the Arizona desert between Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. It is designed for up to 24 residents and will be a demonstration model for a cost effective climate adaptation solution that can be scaled up.

The community will be off-the-grid, produce it's own power and food and will recycle water in a unique circular waste-energy-nutrient system.

The architecture incorporates bio-geometry and is a blend of styles found in the Tunisian village of Tataouine and other traditional North African communities, ancient Anasazi and Pueblo villages of the American Southwest, with a bit of influence from the fictional Tatooine featured in the Star Wars franchise.

Permanent structures will be mostly rammed earth and adobe and will utilize materials primarily from on site. 

The community will function as a research center for the further development of not just technology and low-impact building methods but also human culture.

Tataouine is being designed and built by Climate Survival Solutions, a division of Bid Ocean.

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