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Solar Punk Nomad Logo
ON 05/07/2024 AT 08:27 PM

The European organization Solarpunk Nomads and international company Climate Survival Solutions, have formed a close alliance to support each other’s goals of moving humanity towards greater climate resilience.

Micro hydroelectric power system
ON 09/26/2023 AT 09:11 PM

Climate Survival Solutions, Inc., has successfully deployed a prototype small scale hydroelectric power system which can provide backup power for rural communities in the Philippines.

Dodger Stadium after Tropical Storm Hillary
ON 09/06/2023 AT 09:05 AM

Even though the first tropical storm to cross into Southern California in 84 years caused widespread damage, most climatologists say it “dodged a bullet”. Next time, which might be a lot sooner, it might not be so lucky.

ON 08/20/2023 AT 11:19 PM

Research teams from Iowa State University and Wichita State University in Kansas are teaming up to develop a system that captures waste nitrogen and carbon dioxide to produce a green fertilizer that reduces emissions of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

ON 08/18/2023 AT 12:40 AM

July 2023 was the hottest month on record, with cities like Phoenix experiencing record-breaking heat waves for weeks on end. A new study finds that ongoing extreme heat can worsen cognitive decline among vulnerable groups—particularly Black older adults and those living in poor neighborhoods.

Antarctica Sea Ice
ON 09/06/2023 AT 09:01 AM

As expected, NASA satellite data shows the Antarctica sea ice coverage for the month of July was the smallest measured since continuous satellite monitoring began 45 years ago.

Plaintiffs in the Landmark Climate Trial Held v. Montana
ON 09/06/2023 AT 09:00 AM

A state judge awarded a major victory yesterday to a youth plaintiff group which sued Montana on charges it had violated their rights, by denying climate crisis considerations in state decision-making.

South America High Temperature Anomalies August 1, 2023
ON 08/26/2023 AT 01:01 PM

Temperatures in South America, especially in Chile and Argentina, are reaching alarmingly high levels never before experienced in the southern winter.

Ever Max Container Ship
ON 08/26/2023 AT 12:20 PM

In the face of a “historically unprecedented” lack of rainfall in Panama, the governing agency that operates the Panama Canal has just issued the toughest restrictions yet on maximum vessel depths and the overall number of ships allowed to pass through the canal daily.

Headwaters Forest Reserve, California
ON 08/01/2023 AT 09:03 AM

Climate-related disasters such as extreme heat and wildfires are now projected to turn these important carbon-absorbing sinks into net carbon emitters by 2070.

Daily Temps 01 August 2023
ON 08/01/2023 AT 03:17 PM

July was the hottest month in known human history for the northern half of the planet.

Surface Temperature Map in the Western North Atlantic Ocean
ON 07/31/2023 AT 09:19 AM

A new study revealed the principal ocean current in the Atlantic Ocean which includes the Gulf Stream could collapse as early as two years from now. When it happens, it would destroy marine ecosystems and cause mass weather disruptions.

road construction
ON 07/17/2023 AT 12:45 AM

Scientists hoping to reduce the environmental impact of the construction industry have developed a way to grow building materials using knitted molds and the root network of fungi.

NOAA Marine Heatwave Map Around Florida on July 8, 2023
ON 07/11/2023 AT 03:43 PM

While the State of Florida itself may be hot, it is the temperatures in the waters surrounding it which are worrying hurricane forecasters this year.

Polar and Subtropical Jet Streams
ON 07/06/2023 AT 09:41 AM

A new research report suggests climate models have badly underestimated the potential impact of multiple mass crop failures on the planet and as driven from the highest levels in the atmosphere, as global heating accelerates.

El Niño conditions
ON 07/04/2023 AT 11:51 PM

El Niño conditions have developed in the tropical Pacific for the first time in seven years, setting the stage for a likely surge in global temperatures and disruptive weather and climate patterns.

ON 06/25/2023 AT 11:38 PM

Using satellite data from more than 7,000 global reservoirs, Texas A&M researchers found that while total storage capacity has increased, the filling rate is lower than expected.

solar panels
ON 10/31/2023 AT 03:47 PM

A new company backed by one of the largest solar module manufacturers in India will soon be setting up the first of several U.S.-based solar panel manufacturing plants.

Land and sea surface temperatures for May 2023
ON 08/02/2023 AT 09:24 AM

According to a new report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, average ocean temperatures once again hit a new high. With El Niño imminent, this is a bad sign for what the climate crisis has in store for the planet for 2023 and 2024.

ON 06/07/2023 AT 10:06 PM

Deadly coral disease is spreading as global temperatures warm, and it’s likely to become endemic to reefs the world over by the next century, according to new research.

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