ES 2024 18th International Conference on Energy Sustainability: Anaheim, California

Event Date: July 15, 2024

The ASME Energy Sustainability Conference is focused on identifying innovative technologies, research and design advances, and solutions toward a path of renewable and sustainable energy, including utility-level systems integration.


Full Details:

The 2024 conference theme is: AI for Energy Sustainability.

High-quality conference papers will be selected in a special issue dedicated to Energy Sustainability by the ASME Journal of Energy Resources Technology (JERT) and ASME Journal of Engineering for Sustainable Buildings and Cities. ES2024 will also host keynote/plenary speakers and panelists from national labs, Department of Energy, and world-known researchers from universities.

This year, ES2024 will be co-locating with the Summer Heat Transfer Conference and the Fluids Engineering Division's (FED) Summer Meeting.

Sponsored by ASME's Advanced Energy Systems and Solar Energy Divisions.

Please visit the conference website for more information.

This year's Tracks Include:

  • Track 1: Conference Theme: AI for Energy Sustainability

  • Track 2: Sustainable Buildings, Communities, and Cities

  • Track 3: Energy Storage Separate from CSP: Thermal, Mechanical, Thermochemical

  • Track 4: Research for the Clean Energy Transition (Socio-technical, Education, and Policy)

  • Track 5: Concentrating Solar Power 1: Optical Systems, Receivers and Reactors

  • Track 6: Concentrating Solar Power 2: Heat exchangers, energy storage system, and the power block

  • Track 7: Concentrating Solar Power 3: Technoeconomics, lifecycle analyses, balance of plant

  • Track 8: Solar Chemistry: Thermochemistry, Photocatalysis, and Photo-electrocatalysis

  • Track 9: Photovoltaic & Electrochemical Technologies
  • Track 10: Alternative Energy Converstion Technology (including Wind, Geothermal, Hydro, and Ocean)

  • Track 11: Process Heat for Desalination and Industrial Decarbonization

  • Track 12: Hydrogen Energy, Alternative Fuels, Bioenergy, and Biofuels

  • Track 13: Carbon Capture & Cleaner Fossil Fuel Technologies

  • Track 14: Sustainable Manufacturing Processes for Low Carbon

  • Track 15: Lightning Talks

  • Track 16: Poster Presentations

  • Track 17: Symposium to Honor Professor Aldo Steinfeld

  • Track 18: Heliostat Consortium (HelioCon)