Climate Survival Solutions to Present on Drought Mitigation Via Wastewater Conversion at Major Climate Crisis Conference

ON 08/16/2021 AT 04:33 AM

Climate Survival Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.\'s invited paper on how to address the growing drought crisis through efficient wastewater treatment and reuse has been accepted for presentation at The 1st International Conference on Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability (CCES), to be held online from 9-11 November, 2021.

The conference, to be held in collaboration with Chongqing University, China, has been planned as a major shift from other conference exploring the much hotter world we will be living in just years from now.

This groundbreaking event, co-sponsored by IEREK, the International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange, will be focused on a multi-faceted approach to addressing the challenges of adapting to and mitigating the climate crisis.

As the conference description notes, for human civilization to survive, dealing with the climate crisis will call "for complete support from all professions in the society."

The CCES conference, its organizers explain, offers "a step towards empowering decision-makers and energy stakeholders to join forces and proactively address the challenges of climate change so that actual progress can be achieved."

Climate Survival Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.'s contribution to this important event is entitled, "Mitigating the Impacts of Drought via Wastewater Conversion to Energy, Nutrients, Raw Materials, Food, and Potable Water." The paper was prepared by researchers Dr. Simrat Kaur, Fatema Diwan, and Brad Reddersen.

As the abstract explains, this paper "presents how wastewater can be channeled into green energy resources such as biogas, microbial fuel cells, and biodisel; and how it is transformed into various bio products, nutrients, and drinkable water in order to combat the severe impacts of droughts."

It is the first public presentation of Climate Survival Solutions' approach to eliminating the very concept of wastewater by transforming it via technology and innovation for reuse in multiple applications areas, including energy, agriculture, and human consumption.

Those interested in further information about the conference can learn more at Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability (

Those interested in advance interviews with the authors or more details about the innovations to be disclosed during the conference are encouraged to visit and reach out to the team at Contact | Climate Survival Solutions.