Construction Industry Council Announces Integration of Carbon Emissions Modeling Tool into Building Modeling Software

ON 09/06/2020 AT 10:19 PM

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) of Hong Kong just announced its CIC Carbon Assessment Tool (CAT), a means of evaluating carbon emissions prior to construction, has now been integrated into the BEAM Plus New Buildings version 1.1 and version 1.2 (BEAM Plus NB)

Launched in September 2019, CAT is the first universal platform in Hong Kong for the construction industry to evaluate the carbon performance of buildings and infrastructure from the raw material extraction stage to completion of construction. It assesses carbon emission factors for over 300 construction materials, measures both embodied carbon of construction materials and carbon emission of on-site construction processes.

In collaboration with the BEAM Society, CAT has now been integrated into BEAM Plus NB to further increase the usage and raise awareness of the needs to reduce embodied carbon in construction projects, which is in line with the HKSAR Government's target of reducing absolute carbon emission by 26%-36% by 2030.

Ir Albert CHENG, Executive Director of the CIC said, "As a pivotal organization of the construction industry, the CIC strives to promote sustainable construction among organizations and industry practitioners. The CAT is applicable for new buildings and infrastructure projects, we hope this integration can make a strong impact on the industry, and encourage designers and contractors to implement carbon reduction into their projects."

The following credit requirements have been integrated into the BEAM Plus NB effective from January 2021:

  • 1 credit for demonstrating the embodied carbon for the permanent works' substructure and superstructure have been studied by CAT's "design input" module.
  • 1 bonus credit for demonstrating the materials used for permanent works' substructure and superstructure have a lower embodied carbon in the as-built design than the original design, with the result of the study generated by CAT's "construction input" module.
  • 1 bonus credit for providing a full embodied carbon assessment, inclusive of permanent works, substructure, superstructure, temporary works and site impact, using CAT's "construction input" module.

For details and registration of the CIC Carbon Assessment Tool, please visit the e-platform at

About the Construction Industry Council

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) was formed in 2007 under the Construction Industry Council Ordinance (Cap. 587). The CIC consists of a chairman and 24 members representing various sectors of the industry including employers, professionals, academics, contractors, workers, independent persons and Government officials.

The main functions of the CIC are to forge consensus on long-term strategic issues, convey the industry's needs and aspirations to the Government, provide professional training and registration services, and serve as a communication channel between the Government and the construction industry.