World Conference on Climate Change and Sustainability in Frankfurt, Germany

Event Date: August 22, 2022

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About the Conference

The Climate Week (World Conference on Climate Change & Sustainability) will be held in Frankfurt, Germany from August 22 to August 24, 2022. The conference will address multidimensional aspects of the climate change problem and will also present viable solutions. These will include technological innovations and ecosystem management to disrupt the effects of climate change and to accelerate mitigation.  innovate and scale up the world’s efforts in adapting to the inevitable effects of climate change. The conference will welcome more than 800 eminent delegates, scientists and academics from around the world to share the latest scientific research on climate change, and to inspire global and regional action to address this complex issue.

Climate Week 2022 will be bringing together a range of key actors from institutions, governments, cities and communities, the private sector, and civil society; including youth movements, from all over the world, to make the world more climate resilient. This Meeting is a distinctive opportunity for participants to hear directly from environmental and climate justice leaders about regeneration in action; to hear about sustainable strategies and practices we can all implement and advocate for, in order to build a more resilient economy and vibrant future. Join the discussion with cutting edge thought leaders sharing their knowledge, experience, and passion.

Topics and Importance of the Conference

Global Climate Change, caused by anthropogenic carbon emissions, is a threat to the entire world. Carbon emissions have many origins; including the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, land use changes, tillage agriculture and now natural emissions of greenhouse gasses formerly frozen in permafrost. Sulfate aerosols and black carbon are complicating the situation.

This conference is a step towards empowering decision-makers and energy stakeholders to join forces and proactively address the challenges of climate change so that actual progress can be achieved. By bringing together researchers who are working on topics relevant to climate change and environmental sustainability to share their latest accomplishments and research findings, voices can be amplified and actions towards a more resilient, liveable, sustainable future taken. This conference will also serve as an important resource to inform people and provide them with a comprehensive understanding of the possible opportunities for environmental sustainability to address climate change.

The World Conference on Climate Change (Climate Week 2022) offers an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of the impact of climate change and global warming in the global context. This conference is the foremost global forum for multilateral discussion of climate change matters.

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